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Here you can choose and book any tours on Koh Samui and around it. We provide full information support. If you have doubts what to choose, we will advise you the most interesting tour for you and your family. Almost all tours that are presented here have English-speaking guide.

We offer tours to suit all budgets – from the economy to VIP class. In addition, we can arrange a unique individual program according to your wishes.

Your positive emotions and anticipation of holiday are our main goals!

Your calls and emails are welcome! Booking by phone: 0822 79 4936 (Thailand), +66 79 822 4936 (roaming) or via the booking form on our website.

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Dear our future partners!

We are local tour operator company based on Koh Samui. We open for new contracts and cooperation. If your travel agency outside the Thailand we glad to help you choose the best product for your customers.
Our e-mail address is: [email protected], Tel.: +66 822 7949 36
Sincerely, Koh Sanuk

Best seller tours!

Full day trip to AngThong marine Park by Thai boat
Angthong Marine Park
8 hours
Price:  1300 Baht
Romantic Overnight in AngThong Marine Park
Angthong Marine Park
33 hours
Price:  1300 Baht
Speedboat snorkeling tour from Koh Samui to Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan
Koh Tao & Koh Nang Yuan
8 hours
Price:  1500 Baht
Eco safari tour around Koh Samui
Jeep Safari
8 hours
Price:  1700 Baht
Mr. Ung full day jungle safari
City Tours, Jeep Safari
8 hours
Price:  1700 Baht
Quad motor jungle safari, Koh Samui
Quads Motors ATV jungle safari trip
Island Tours & Activities
Price:  1800 Baht
Speedboat tour to Angthong Marine Park
Angthong Marine Park
8 hours
Price:  1900 Baht
Full day sea safari tour to Angthong Marine Park
Angthong Marine Park
9 hours
Price:  1900 Baht