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  • Cruises by Chantara junk boat, Koh Samui, Thailand
  • Cruises by Chantara junk boat, Koh Samui, Thailand
  • Cruises by Chantara junk boat, Koh Samui, Thailand
  • Cruises by Chantara junk boat, Koh Samui, Thailand
  • Cruises by Chantara junk boat, Koh Samui, Thailand
  • Cruises by Chantara junk boat, Koh Samui, Thailand
  • Cruises by Chantara junk boat, Koh Samui, Thailand
  • Cruises by Chantara junk boat, Koh Samui, Thailand
  • Cruises by Chantara junk boat, Koh Samui, Thailand
  • Cruises by Chantara junk boat, Koh Samui, Thailand
  • Cruises by Chantara junk boat, Koh Samui, Thailand
  • Cruises by Chantara junk boat, Koh Samui, Thailand
  • Cruises by Chantara junk boat, Koh Samui, Thailand
  • Cruises by Chantara junk boat, Koh Samui, Thailand
  • Cruises by Chantara junk boat, Koh Samui, Thailand
  • Cruises by Chantara junk boat, Koh Samui, Thailand
  • Cruises by Chantara junk boat, Koh Samui, Thailand
  • Cruises by Chantara junk boat, Koh Samui, Thailand
  • Cruises by Chantara junk boat, Koh Samui, Thailand
  • Cruises by Chantara junk boat, Koh Samui, Thailand
  • Cruises by Chantara junk boat, Koh Samui, Thailand

Cruises by Chantara junk boat

  • Type: Junk boat
  • Max. on board: 36 persons
  • Cabins: 4 cabins / 8 persons
  • Length: 82 ft / 25 meters
  • Year built: 2004
  • Price range: 2,900 - 120,000 ฿
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The Chantara invites you on a voyage to the fabulous shores of Koh Phangan, a 'virgin' neighboring island of Koh Samui. You will discover the virgin beauty of nature of Koh Phangan, investigate the colorful underwater life of Koh Mah with its crystal waters, beautiful coral reef and various kinds of fishes. The junk boat will stop at Thong Nai Pan beach on Koh Phangan for jet-skiing, kayaking, surfing, or you will be able to have a massage and relax at secluded bays. The amateur fishermen can hook fish on board.

Encyclopaedic reference

Junk boat is a traditional Chinese and Japanese sailing vessel designed for voyages along the rivers and near the sea coast. It is still widely used in Southeast Asia. The word comes from Malay ‘djong’ that means ‘vessel’.

The main distinctive features of a junk are the sails from bamboo yards and mats in form of quadrangle, rostrum, and stern is raised a little. The sails can be rolled like jalousie. The massive rudder is fixed instead of a keel.

History of the Chantara junk boat

Originally constructed with beautiful teak wood, the junk Chantara was put into service in Burma near the end of the 20th century.

First sailed from the magnificent Burmese Banks, the former owner decided to move after the Tsunami of 2004. The Chantara sailed to the South, via Singapore, then up the east coast of Malaysia to enter the Gulf of Thailand.

After its renovation, the boat was called “Fortune”, but she changed her name again in October 2009 to Thai name ‘Chantara’.

Presently, the Chantara is based in Bangrak Bay, Koh Samui, in the north of the island. The Chantara sails inside the Gulf of Thailand. Generally, it travels around Koh Samui, to places such as Angthong Marine Park, Koh Phangan, and Koh Tao.


Itinerary (runs on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays)

  • 10.00-10.45 Transfer from the hotel
  • 11.00 Departure
  • 13.00 Snorkeling at the reef of Koh Mah
  • 14.30 Thai lunch-buffet consisting of 5 courses on board
  • 15.15 Stop at Thong Nai Pan beach. Leisure time, massage, or watersports
  • 17.15 Departure to Koh Samui. Snacks on board
  • 19.00 Arrival at the port, transfer to the hotel


  • Round transfer from the hotel
  • Breakfast or snacks depending on the time of cruise
  • Thai lunch-buffet on board
  • Soft drinks, tea, coffee
  • Pastry and fruits
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Fishing equipment
  • Beach towels
  • Accident insurance
  • English & French speaking guides
2,900 THB
Child (from 6 to 12 years old)
1,900 THB
Infant (under or equal 5 years old)
Free of charge

Pickup time

DistrcictPickup time
Bophut/Chaweng 10.30-45 am
Maenam/Lamai 10.15-30 am
Bangrak/Choeng Mon 10.45 am
Nathan/Bang Por 10.00 am
Centara villa area 10.00 am
Thong Krut/Lipanoi9.45 am
An unforgettable cruise to stunning Angthong national marine park.
Group up to 20 people
120,000 THB
Extra guest
up to 28 persons
2,000 THB
The Chantara will take you on an adventure to discover the beautiful landscape around Koh Phangan, the neighboring island of Koh Samui. You can explore the colorful underwater world of Koh Ma with its stunningly clear water, corals, abundant sea anemones, and all varieties of tropical fish.

The Chantara will stop on Thong Nai Pan beach where customers will be offered to enjoy a massage or simply relax on this secluded bay. At the end of the journey, “adventurers” will be able to admire Koh Phangan’s rugged coastline, stunning coves, and deserted beaches while returning to Koh Samui.

A third stop is possible on a private beach at Koh Phangan or at Koh Som with arrival at the port at 6 pm.

Group up to 10 people
47,000 THB
Extra guest
up to 16 persons
1,500 THB
Group up to 15 people
53,000 THB
Group up to 20 people
60,000 THB
Sunset Trip :

The Chantara can also take you on a cruise around Koh Samui and Koh Som to enjoy the magnificent tropical sunsets.

Departure is at 5 pm from the port.

We offer a stop for swimming or fishing on the small island of Koh Som. The Chantara leaves early in order to take advantage of the beauty of the sky around the coast of Koh Samui.

Appetizers and refreshments will be served. We return to port around 7:30 pm after the last rays of light.

Group up to 10 people
16.30 - 19.00
27,000 THB
Group up to 15 people
16.30 - 19.00
31,000 THB
Group up to 20 people
16.30 - 19.00
35,000 THB
Extra guest
16.30 - 19.00
up to 28 persons
1,000 THB
Sunset Dinner :

After the sun has set, depending on the number of people, the crew serves either a nearly endless buffet or an exquisite sit-down dinner which includes a tasting menu consisting of 4 to 5 courses of Thai cuisine.

You will return to port between 9 and 9:30 pm.

Group up to 10 people
35,000 THB
Extra guest
up to 28 persons
1,200 THB
Group up to 15 people
40,000 THB
Group up to 20 people
45,000 THB

Overnight cruise

The itinerary will depend on the number of days of your stay.

The tour can be started at Angthong Marine Park that includes early morning walks that will show you a remarkable view. 260m above sea level, it is possible to admire the entire chain of islands that comprise the Angthong Marine Park. You can travel to the island with a lagoon in its center. There is an opportunity to go kayaking in the middle of a group of small islands and deserted beaches. You will see a sunset after a fishing trip and barbecue on board.

After the Marine Park, we can depart for Koh Tao to explore the seabed and the abundance of life that lives there. You can also visit the Japanese Garden, Koh Nan Yang, and Shark Bay; all of which are counted among the most beautiful dive sites in Thailand.

A day and night trip is also possible for Koh Phangan with diving at the spectacular reef of Koh Ma. You can visit the waterfall in the heart of the island, and stop in a small cove that is dotted with small bungalows built of wood and bamboo. Fishing and sunbathing on endless beaches is always available.

The Chantara can stop on Thong Nai Pan beach where guests will be offered to enjoy water sports (jet ski, buoy, kayak, water ski, wakeboard), massage or simply relax on this secluded bay.

Group up to 8 adults and 2 children
50,000 THB

Cruise 24 hours

Villas on Koh Samui
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Reviews for "Cruises by Chantara junk boat"

 Average rating is 5 from total of 5 reviews
Kazuhiro Iguchi
Best time for me in Ko Samui!

Everything is great! The contents of this tour, behavior of the captain and crew, various food and drink(including package)and kind other passenger…all of them remain in my memory.
Though I went alone, it is much impressed experience and best time for me.

The most perfect way to spend our last day in Thailand

The last of our 7 days in Koh Samui was the best day of the holiday. The Chantara Junk Boat is not something you should do, it is something you MUST do! Cruising across the sea to Koh Phangan onboard the beautifully maintained yacht, decked out with pillows and leather matresses, is stunning. The crew are friendly and helpful, providing detail about the area as well as providing unlimited non alcoholic drinks (alcohol does cost) as well as thai lunch, ice cream, chinese dim sim and fruit throughout the day. Jumping off the yacht off Koh Phangan and snorkelling to stopping at one of the islands beaches where massages and jetskiing/kayaking is available! I recommend the jetskiing, cheap for 15 minutes or half an hour and loads of fun. Cruising back to Samui in the evening with an amazing sunset is an experience I will never forget

Sam Ninness
Simply the Best!!!!!

WOW, What a day! We went on this cruise as part of our honeymoon, as we got married on the island only 2 days before. We wanted to just cruise round, chill out on the deck and take in the scenery. The fact that we stopped for a swim twice, had the option of snorkeling, or fishing as well as a visit to the beach for a massage or jet ski was an added bonus for us. The buffet lunch on board was freshly cooked, tasted wonderful and plentiful enough for seconds and the food didn't just stop at lunch. There was fruit, ice cream, nuts, muffins, chocolates and free non alcoholic beverages until you heart was content. The crew was amazing, super friendly and ready to help whenever needed. Marco was a magnificent host, offering info when needed or silence if you wanted to just relax and chill out. A professional team that made you feel at home. The boat was comfy and full of character. So many opportunities for wonderful photos. Can't wait for our next journey on the beautiful Chantara.

Great Day Out !

Had a great day out on this excursion. The staff were multi lingual, keep everyone informed of the itinery. Relaxed in the morning then had an excellent lunch, all included in the price, as was all soft drinks. Alcohol was available at very reasonable prices. Stopped for snorkelling or fishing. I chose fishing and caught my very first fish, it wasnt very big and went happily back into the sea, but the thrill of the catch was fabulous. Bombarded with soft drinks, ice creams and cakes all through the trip. Taken to a lovely beach for swimming or sunbathing, we chose to sit in a bar for a little respite from the sun, it was all very idyllic. On the return we saw the sunset (although the cloud encroached a bit). And that was the end of a very enjoyable day.
The boat was spotlessly clean, the food was good, prices for drinks (alcohol) good and the staff were friendly, informative and entertaining.
Definitely recommend this excursion

Best cruise on Samui

A cruise around Koh Phangan aboard Chantara is among the best things you could possibly do while on Samui. We chose the sunset cruise (on Thursdays) and we had a perfect day, mainly thanks to the amazing crew. Sailing on an authentic junk boat offers a very laid back feeling, so much different from the other "speed boat tours" - it's a perfect getaway for anyone seeking a true experience. It will definitely be one of the highlights of your stay on Samui - just bring your swimming suit and sunscreen - and enjoy, as all the rest will be very well taken care of.
As the day goes by, you'll get the chance to snorkel in a stunning location, discover an unspoiled tropical beach and share some quality time with your family, friends and the highly professional crew. Moreover, the lunch as well as the little treats offered along the trip are excellent. So go ahead and book the Chantara cruise now - you won't regret it!
Thanks again for this magical day, we'll definitely do it again next time.