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  • Snake Farm, Koh Samui, Thailand

Snake Farm

  • Type: Private tour
  • Schedule: By request
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Guide: English
  • Price range: 400 - 2,000 ฿
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We offer you to visit snake farm with terrarium on its territory and interesting snake show.

If this tour is booked beforehand, we offer you round transfer for free from your hotel/villa to the farm.

International snake farm in Taling Ngam

Snake farm on Koh Samui was founded in 1920.  From 10 AM till 6 PM you can see the cobra and other snakes show, Scorpion Queen and Centipede King, visit reptile zoo and take part in thrilling games with inhabitants of the farm. You can also buy unique drugs made of snakes organs and poison, and spirits with snakes, scorpions, centipedes inside the bottles.

Two-way transfer
Up to 10 people
2,000 THB
Show time at 11:00 am, 01:00 pm and 03:00 pm
400 THB
Child (from 5 to 12 years old)
Show time at 11:00 am, 01:00 pm and 03:00 pm
200 THB
Infant (under or equal 4 years old)
Free of charge

Snake farm in Choeng Mon

There are 163 species of snakes in Thailand, 85 species are venomous. You can see some of them and listen to an interesting story about the way of life. After the show, you can buy unique drugs made from snakes and their poison.

Entrance ticket – 300 Baht. If you book beforehand, we can organize round transfer out of charge.

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Reviews for "Snake Farm"

 Average rating is 4 from total of 1 review
Exceeded our expectations, well worth a stop

My wife and I came early and were the only people there receiving a private show from Mr Cobra. I had previously seen a Cobra show in India and thought it was something that my wife should see as well. I wasn't really expecting that much, but was really surprised how he handled the scorpions and the cobras.

It was such an intimate experience, that the snakes even got a little too close for our comfort. We quickly moved a row back when Mr Cobra sat a cobra on the fence right in front of us. I really highly recommend this place for a short stop while on the island. We definitely came away with some great stories to tell our friends and family