Romantic overnight at Wua Talap, Angthong Marine Park

Angthong romantic overnight tour

My husband and I were on Samui from March 17 to March 23, 2019, during which time we went on two excursions. The first one is a boat trip to the national marine park of Angthong and a romantic night on Wua Ta lap. Actually, this is exactly what I wanted here. For more than a year, I dreamed of seeing this island with my own eyes, and - here it is ... There is no Russian guide on this tour, there is only English and Chinese, but this is not bad, because You can improve your English during the tour. In fact, it was very interesting to listen to the guide, trying to catch the essence) and, in principle, we succeeded in this) First we were taken to a beautiful lagoon, where we climbed to a viewpoint to look at the magnificent emerald lake, which is located in the crater extinct volcano (!). In the lagoon on the shore, there are boulders of hardened lava all around. Unusually, very interesting to touch them. To be honest, I was already burning with impatience to set foot on the land I had dreamed of for so long)) And now, our next stop is Wua Ta lap ... I reviewed several times on arriving home a memorable video where I take this first step and every time I can’t hold back tears, it was so important for me to be here ... We climbed up at five hundred meter high when, when the islands were taken away by the last tourists, and it was an unforgettable sight - all 42 islands in front of you are in full view! And you are alone among this beauty. We spent the night in a tent, except for us there were still 2 "tent" couples, but this absolutely did not bother us, because tents were pretty far apart. The island has all the conditions: a clean toilet, a shower, a wonderful cafe with delicious food and an adequate price tag. This is a footnote for those who consider convenience and comfort to us. And we are Ural water tourists, our motto is “The fewer signs of civilization, the better”)) A very clean beach, and was surprised that when you catch some kind of trash, you carry it in the trash near the rescue tower, the Thai rescuers are very sincere and even with some bewilderment thank you for it, although, in my opinion, this is normal - do not crap where you are welcome. And they welcome every guest, no doubt. In the evening, when tourists are taken away, the whole island is yours! What a thrill to lie at night on the beach under the stars with your loved one and sip rum ... Just talk, or be silent, close your eyes, and listen, listen, listen to this magical island. The noise of the surf, the rustle of leaves, the cries of birds, unknown crickets ... You feel yourself a part of this alluring mysterious world and your heart just stops ... In the morning, representatives of a rare species of monkeys descend from the rocks and sit all along the garden bed)) These monkeys are before our eyes at 6 am, we killed all the plates at the local cafe))) Another interesting place here is the Bois-Bok Cave. There are many ancient stalactites and stalagmites, we, like experienced people, climb on it with a flashlight up and down. It is necessary to be very careful for those who do not have speleological experience: a lot of "wells" between the stones, the stones themselves "breathe", i.e. stagger.
The next day, the Thai boat returned for us and we took with us the warmest memories of this island and those who tried to make our vacation unforgettable (office workers and cafes, lifeguards). One night is not enough here, so we set a goal to return here after a year with the children to stay for 3-4 nights. Many thanks to the company Koh Sanuk
for organizing such an interesting and informative leisure. Thank you for making it possible to be away from civilization, to take a break from people, roads, unnecessary information, to be alone with nature. Thank you for always being in touch and answering all questions. See you next year;)