Private: Boop Boop safari – Big adventure in the jungle!

Big Boop Boop - a really fun afternoon!!

So me and my gf decided to try Mr Ung's Big Boop Boop tour and it was suuuuperfun!! We drove with an open jeep which is not for the faint of heart. There were six in our group, three couples, and I'm guessing the tour fits as many as fits in the car which is from 8-10.

The tour began with a stop at waterfall number 1 where we had 30 min to explore, take pics and swim if we wanted. Restrooms charged 10 baht. I dont know if we were lucky or what but there were not too many people so taking amazing pictures was easy 🙂 warning: if you are against elephant trekking in all shapes and forms, you will run into elephants with riders during the trip. We did not witness any violence but were slightly concerned about how the elephants were trained to be so well mannered.

So, we continued on and at this point the driver gave us the option to drive on the roof of the jeep. Super!!!! But again, do not do it if you dont think you can handle it. Our part of the road was safe enough to take selfies but there were parts when holding on tight was necessary.

Ziplining was great fun too and our driver took some amazing pictures and a video of us. Very easy once you get the hang of it and listen and watch the intructions. Not too fast but definitely worth a woop!

Lastly, the water slides and waterfall 2. Now a warning about the slides: the fast one is almost too fast and landing hurts. The slow ones were not slow as in boring and the blue one has a gentle landing. Slow ones were fuuuuuun!!!!! And the waterfall was great too. Again, we were lucky with the fact that there were not too many people.

Food was yummy and the company was good. Greater opportunity to make friends.

All in all, we had soooo much fun. The only real minus is the fast waterslide.


Saana K