Private: SITCA cooking classes

A great way to spend an afternoon, especially for a solo traveller

I took the course about a year ago, but I just got an email from them so I finally remembered to write a review. (BTW, I have gotten ONE email from them in a year, so they do not relentlessly spam you.)

The course was very good. We had one more student than work station, so I ended up at the teachers' station, but it was fine. The teacher (who of COURSE had a Thai accent...She IS Thai and this is Thailand after all!) was perfectly understandable and very attentive to all students. She even made kosher variations of the dishes we cooked for three of the students. She was a little too cautious about spiciness, but I like food spicy, and I'm Korean. I thought it was at the pricier end of my budget, but average for Koh Samui and that neighborhood's restaurants. As a solo traveller, I didn't have much dinner company, so having dinner with other students was a welcome added bonus, plus it gave me something to do besides the beach and bars. I was also glad that they offered beer (for about the average bar price) while we cooked and to accompany our dinner.