Romantic overnight at Wua Talap, Angthong Marine Park

Angthong romantic overnight tour

We were in a fairy tale! We want to tell everyone! Even a family of monkeys on the antenna deserves a praise! You can use your cell phone, but the signal is only enough for messages. No devices can be charged because current network is rotten, all the lamps blink.
When you are back to Koh Samui, you find yourself in another civilisation. After we had spent the whole day kayaking between islands, my son told me that he wanted to stay there for 2-3 months. I also did not want to leave. We saw there a European who had been staying there in his tent for a month and said that he had visited ten parks in Thailand in such a way.
As for accommodation is concerned, first we lived in a 6-bed bungalow together, on the ground floor there were two bathrooms and a hall, on the first floor there were two bedrooms, the bathrooms were too uncomfortable and there was almost no electricity (then repaired). And then I liked 2-bed bungalow: compact and almost neat(There were some cracks in the walls and there was no toilet paper). When I finally got the paper, I tried to put it in its place and hordes of ants attached me, so I had to run for help.
But all this is trifle when compared to nature. It's gorgeous and I really want to go there now for a week or two. But first you need 5-7-day acclimatisation. The tour itself is, of course, somewhat formal: go here, go there, it's time to go back. We had some snorkeling but Koh Tao is more suitable for this. Kayaking here is around the island opposite to the camp (by the way, then saw wild pigs). On the observation deck, we climbed the next day while there was no one, we visited the cave today (did not impressed).
In second bungalow with the electricity was OK, we could charge all the devices.
Generally everything was Ok, the guide was very helpful.
Koh Sanuk, thanks for a great trip!
I recommend it to those who loves adventures.