Cruises by Chantara junk boat

Great Day Out !

Had a great day out on this excursion. The staff were multi lingual, keep everyone informed of the itinery. Relaxed in the morning then had an excellent lunch, all included in the price, as was all soft drinks. Alcohol was available at very reasonable prices. Stopped for snorkelling or fishing. I chose fishing and caught my very first fish, it wasnt very big and went happily back into the sea, but the thrill of the catch was fabulous. Bombarded with soft drinks, ice creams and cakes all through the trip. Taken to a lovely beach for swimming or sunbathing, we chose to sit in a bar for a little respite from the sun, it was all very idyllic. On the return we saw the sunset (although the cloud encroached a bit). And that was the end of a very enjoyable day.
The boat was spotlessly clean, the food was good, prices for drinks (alcohol) good and the staff were friendly, informative and entertaining.
Definitely recommend this excursion